Monday, February 15, 2021

Wanted + Winter 2021 Sale!


Snell Type E, J or K speakers

I never got the chance to own any of these models back in the '80s and would like to give a pair of them a shot. Please let me know what you're offering by leaving a comment below with your email address. Your comment will not be published and I'll reply to you directly. Thanks!


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PayPal or cash transactions only.
All sales final!

For further inquires, please leave a comment below with your email address. Your comment will go directly to my inbox and will not be published. I will reply to you in private.

I prefer local pick up especially for bigger and heavier items. I can also demo by appointment. I am based in the Philly metro area.


NOS CDs of Triode - A Piano Trio

Sample Tracks:

About the Artists

Track Selection + Liner Notes

$12 each CD, shipped via USPS Media shipping within the continental US


A pair of custom-built back loaded horn speakers

I got this as a trade from a friend who has no idea of its origin. Neither one of us has figured out how to remove the drivers without marring the beautifully finished cabinet.

It has been suggested that this 7" full range driver is an older generation Omega. But I have no way of confirming this. All I know is, I prefer the midrange of my Altec 755s and Lafayette SK98/Pioneer PIM8L. Although this speaker system has a lot more bass punch, sensitivity is at par with the aforementioned 8" drivers.

Asking $280/pair 

Local pick up only!

Thanks for your interest!